Things are Tough All Over

Things are tough, all over.  Selfishness is the disease that seems worse that AIDS or ZIKA. That’s what it seems like, anyways.  I study, and study.  The cheapest places to live in the world, on NUMBEO.COM. 

Crazy guy (3).JPG

In Europe, people move around quite a bit.  This is not like North America.  The USA is a tough country to get into, to just migrate to or get a VISA.  Some countries, reciprocate against the United States.

In addition to the economic problems are the intangibles, such as stress.  The USA is one of the highest crime in the world.  I have just stopped posting about the local murders, robberies, etc.  It happens all the time, almost every day, and close by here.  They don’t call this zip code “The Murder Factory” for nothing.  Parts of the suburbs, such as West Independence, also really suck.  They’re always fighting.

There are some bright spots, but I keep to myself.  I am ailing. Everyone that I know has huge medical and financial problems.  Many Americans are poor.  Americans don’t cooperate with one another like countries such as Romania, where people are often propped up by friends and family.

I read a lot about other countries, contemplating what it would be like to live in say, the Balkans, or other parts of Europe.   I guess those places would be lonely, and selfish, too.

The world is widely factionalized, and this is not just the USA.  People get on horribly, in other words.




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