There seems never- A Conclusion

There seems never a conclusion, and never a certainty.  I like to funnel down things, focus in, on what I can do.  This is often to my detriment.  To filter, and control what comes to me in the world.  I don’t think I am a pollyanna, but quite cynical.

People will only act in their own interest, and will twist reality one way or the other, to benefit themselves.  It’s like evolution.  It is at the top of the political spectrum, and on the street. Even a flower has a survival instinct.  I am uncertain if ANYONE is truly altruistic.  BUT.. beneficial things happen all the time.  So I cannot curse humanity, at least, not altogether.

Life is like swimming through muddy lake water, where you cannot see to far ahead of you, at least, social life is.  It seems better not to get too close to people, which is the opposite of what I wanted before.  They are like a land mine sometimes, with little rules of their own, that you can break without even knowing it.  This perception brings with it, a great sense of loneliness.



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