A Typical Day

That kid next door is the smartest I.T. kid I have EVER met.  I worked at AT&T and a bunch of companies.  Had electronics in the U.S. Navy.  I use, and build up computers every single day.  What a shame the world is.  He went to prison, for something.  Went to school for programming.  The government offered him a job at age 17.

The biggest problems in the world are social.  A woman calls him that got beat up by her husband.  She is an old woman, needs ride to take her to pick up the car at the mental health center where her husband is at.  Some people ARE rascally scoundrels around here.  Kind of, predatory.  But it isn’t just the poor.  They aren’t nearly as predatory as some people who are wealthy and enjoy many privileges.  I guess, it is the same all over the world.  I don’t know what the answer is.  To enjoy, what is to be enjoyed as it is, in the present moment.

Later on, I find out he hacked my website I was building for a client, so, I have lost another potential friend.  That is what the USA is like.. like rats.


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