Laptops KC Computer Store on 5th Street

A little store on 5th street. Dunno if this area is “Little Italy” or not.  It’s more like the River Market area.  I go down there and buy a old HP dc 5800  desktop.  $35 bucks.  CHEAP.  I always built my own machines, used AMD ‘cos it’s cheap.  Well hey, the Intel Core 2 Quads are dirt cheap on Ebay.  Try $14.  A NewEgg MOBO I just bought fritzed on me big time.

Mike fixed me right up.  His prices are competitive with eBAY, plus you get it right now.  He put some RAM sticks in for me free of charge. is his web site with his inventory, I believe.  Why buy a used computer from the Salvation Army, when you can buy from a professional?  I was highly impressed.  I build my own computers.  I have A+, INet+, Network+, so I am at least smart enough to do some things.  Eh- he does it better.

650 E. 5th Street, KCMO MO,  64106. 816- 521-0229.   He sells his gear on Craigslist.  He’s pretty good, helpful, and has a ton of stuff.  Very knowledgeable.  Before, I steered clear of Dell/Compaq/HP.

That old Machine has a heat pipe CPU cooler/all metal very sturdy case, PLUS this HP can be modded, upgraded.  Gonna Flash the Bios now.   All of my old cards worked great in it.  So, I am very pleased with this shop, and the area certainly needs a computer shop.  The old PC Warehouse went defunct.


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