I go on Udemy and take their courses.  I particularly like Geoff Shaw’s courses.  He is a writer.  I have A+, INET+, NetWork+.  I have a desktop I constantly upgrade and experiment with.  I learn, learn, learn all the time.

I am particularly interested in travel and possible Expatriation.  I go post on Facebook all the time, where I have a small circle.  It’s almost my family bulletin board.

The HUD project for old Vets, disabled, and seniors is a Godsend to me!  I couldn’t keep up with the high crime, Narly Northeast.  Even Independence sucks, the west side is full of, people that are, let’s say, not so advanced.

I am writing a novel about Northeast right now, based on actual events.  My goal is to publish books on Kindle.  I use Unity and Blender.  There are nice little courses on Udemy about Blender and Unity.  The Udemy courses are very cheap.

I am studying, studying, learning.  I stay on my computer almost all my waking hours.  I study Android programming, in addition, but haven’t made anything lately.  My focus is on writing the Kindle book(s).

Look me up on Facebook.



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