Moved Away from Northeast

Well.. I finally reached escape velocity and moved away from there!  Still, I am in the 65130 zip code.  “The Murder Factory”.  Weird stuff happens all the time,  especially near the VA Hospital.  There was a murder earlier this week by the fire station at Independence Ave and Van Brunt.  On Saturday or Sunday,  a woman that lived behind the McDonalds up on the hill at Hardesty and US 40, her husband killed her apparently  ‘cos she wouldn’t share her drugs with her husband.

Horrible.  This sleazy action is constant in these zip codes.  I am glad to leave, despite the little Mexican grocers that I like.  But this place maintained by HUD for Veterans, disabled, and geezers.  I’m a Vet, disabled too from surgeries, so I got it. A GOOD MOVE.   It is very high security, with 24 hour security, a locked parking lot.  They maintain it well, too, which is better than the landlords in Northeast.  It is a daunting task trying to rent out those old apartments.  They are filled with bugs.  The tenants are crazy.   HUD screens the dickens out of it’s applicants these days.  Well, they had housing like Choteau, which was filled up with dope dealers.. fights.  Wayne Minor is also narly.  You’ll get your car broke into or stolen.

I took my Android apps down.  They were just “play” apps anyways,  test apps just to see if I could do it.  I am working on a Kindle novel right now.  “Working on it”, but the only thing that counts is DONE!  I am making the novel naturally, on characters in Northeast.  No one would believe the stuff that happens in Northeast.


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