The Ass Kickin’ World of the Poor

The temperature goes up.  A lot of street action, the sirens going off.  I go to the El Mercado Fresca and get some marinated pork for Tacos Al Pastor.  They have it at the meat counter pre-marinated.

A wreck almost head on at Van Brunt and Independence avenue, no one was hurt.  I turn right on Van Brunt and go around it.  Then,  at El Mercado Fresca.  Chrystal is out there, pretty,  and some some of the other street girls.

Then, back into my mouse house like a safe mouse.

graves (2) blog

I stop and photograph the graves of these unfortunate men, shot down at 11th and Spruce several months ago.  Who knows what it was about?  This is right down near the auto body places and the scrap yard, the metal recyclers.  Why do I even write this blog?  Because I love to write.


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