A Americanized Curry- Not bad!

I used “She’s got Flavor” recipe.  Google “She’s got Flavor” Braised Chicken curry.  There is also a YouTube Vid.  Bottom line– the only “exotic” things in this are curry powder, and ground ginger.   It uses heavy cream for the sauce.  The other spices are very common,  Thyme,  garlic powder, pepper, sugar.  I also used half and half or even water to make extra sauce (I like the sauce).  It uses cooking sherry,  but I suspect it ain’t required.  I tried adding potato. Nah, wasn’t very good.  I added dried cranberries to it halfway through the simmer (this tasted good).

curry cream (1) (Mobile)

It’s very creamy.  Has lots of flavor, but it’s not super strong.   Here is a shot of the bowl I just ate, and I like it a lot.  30 minutes to make, cheap to make too since chicken thighs and legs are very cheap in the USA.  The meat in this recipe cost about 70 cent for four thighs.  Easily 2 meals for me.  Heavy cream 16oz was $1.29 but you could use Half n half, or plain yogurt if you wanted.  Or perhaps even plain milk, with corn starch to thicken it, or Coconut milk.  I used Coconut milk last time.  Utokia’s website is  She’s Got Flavor 

curry cream (3) (Mobile)

Well, I like it a lot and will make it again and again.


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