Then Again

Today a guy keeled over right in front of me at Fast Stop.. finally I said..”we better call the cops.” which wasn’t a popular idea around here. Probably drunk. I make peace with KC, which cost me $7.  Gotta get her a Sonic burger and shake.   She has a whole lot to tell me..let me guess..”sick, broke, and getting their asses kicked!” AND..the world don’t give a shit. Funny. It seems the same news as on the TVee. These people are so f*d there is no saving them. I can’t even save myself.  But, I know her whole history pretty much.  How I hate to see people crapped on, again and again.

The wolves of the world, they are always winning, it seems like.

Northeast has a lot of convenient stores, etc.  But there is that, “crookedness” about it.  No one wanted to call the coppers about that guy.  Could’ve been drunk,  but could’ve been having a stroke.

It’s that judgement of the world.  Who is valuable, and who, is not.  That thug sort of attitude.  Northeast, deserves it’s reputation well.


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