Mexicano Jalapeno and Cheese Bolillo

I went to the El Mercado Fresco.  They are having a grand opening sale,  so I tried a cheese filled Bolillo Roll with sesame seeds.  These are big football,  oval shaped rolls.  About 8-10″ long with sesame seeds on top.  Mexican bakery goods are generally,  not as sweet as American pastries.  This isn’t even a pastry, it’s a roll.  They are cheap,  $1 for 3.

I just now tried it after swimming.  BOY that thing was good!  The Jalapeno in it is in big pieces,  nearly a whole piece of Jalapeno so you can easily discard it.  There was a LOT of cheese, concentrated in the belly of the roll.  Very crumbly and tasty mild Mexican cheese.  That was very good.  This cheese had that crumbly texture.  A little bit like cream cheese, only it had more flavor.

The roll itself was very soft,  I think they just baked it.  That thing was great.  It’s not really a dessert,  but I ate it after eating 3 Sambusas (little meat pies) from the Safari Cafe.  The Safari is a Somali restaurant.

BOTTOM LINE: I am gonna get these rolls again and again!

Update:  whoop those things are $1 each..they changed the price.  So not that good of a deal.

My cup, it runneth over.



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