Car Towing Scam

A mix of good, and bad. The guy that owns the little Mexican market started having people’s car towed.  In cahoots with another guy,  it’ll cost ya $200 to get it back.  Well, that being said, no one’s going over there to buy groceries anymore!  The apartment dwellers just have street parking,  when they can’t get a space they park over in the guy’s lot.

He ain’t the only guy who does this.  Rambo’s Chicken up by the old J Mart will tow your car if you park there and go into another shop.  So there is kind of a rash of it, and it’s not the city doing it.

I went to Gregg Klice and I had a some Sambusas, little meat pies at the Safari Cafe.

Seen one girl,  Chrystal, she got beat up really bad.  Life is dire here, and there’s no justice, not really.  “Justice” is very selective.  It just depends if the lawyers think they can make any money on your case.

It’s all the money.  That’s all anyone wants, I mean ANYONE.



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