A fine Mexican Breakfast

I just gotta keep writing.  I am working on my eBook now,  a Kindle book, a novel of Northeast.  I decided to splurge on a breakfast across the street, at San Antonio Mercado.  They have the standard Desayuno.  Huevos Mexicano (scrambled eggs with Pico de Gallo),  Huevos Ranchero (scrambled eggs with Ranchero sauce).

I am a onion phobe.  I dislike the raw onions, I hate them!  So,  I ordered Huevos Con Chorizo.  Chorizo is  type of Mexican sausage.  It is kind of mealy, runny, not like American sausage links or patties.

Well, today I decided to customize them a little, and had him put tomatoes and Jalapeno in the eggs.  He took care cooking them,  grilling the tomato and jalapeno, and mixing it well with the eggs.  He took the tortillas and heated them on the grill.  The rice was soft and good, and the beans tasty.

That was $6.50 and it is the best Mexican breakfast I have eaten in a LONG time.  Only Migas are better.  These are also called Chilaquiles, I think.  I think Mexican food to be overall, the best food in the world.  They sure don’t play when it comes to cookin.  That stuff was like heaven.


One thought on “A fine Mexican Breakfast

  1. I really enjoy your blog. I have been reading it off and on since about 2011. Hope you keep writing. Good insight into Independence Avenue.


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