Let’s Whip the Poor, some More

SK comes up.  Her kidney has a spot on it.   Since she only has one kidney,  she is very alarmed.  Actually, it’s a pretty bad spot..possibly cancer.  Plus she went to jail for possession of pot.  She must go back to the ER to get a ultrasound on it, some glitch in the health care system.  It is a horrible cycle that people live.   KC has cancer.  I wouldn’t even answer the door, but decided to.. shaking in my boots at the sort of .. holocaust that people live in.  I don’t need their trouble!  Around here people are like water, looking for the opportunity for the smallest crumb.

I see people that have had strokes walking around all the time.  The winter is the worst with it’s cold.  I’ll never get over how the shelters turn them out of doors at like 0600, in tennis shoes and a jean jacket,  and tell them to “look for opportunity” in that freezing fuckin’ cold.  Tall Deb is out there, she was supposed to have been dead long ago.

These are American citizens that go back many generations, and they get treated like dog crap.

I am so tired at observing, the horrible lives that people live.  Who ever said that the USA was “great?”  It’s in my face, every single day.

America never WAS great.   It NEVER was.  In the 1960’s it started to get better.. a little.  Make America “great again” means great for Donald Trump, and others.  No one gives a damn about anyone else.  You have to get that through your head.  NO ONE GIVES A DAMN… people will take from you, whatever they can,  whenever they can.  THAT IS AMERICA.

It was great for Donald Trump’s family.  Inheriting $200 million, he’s a self made man.  When I was back in the USN, we used to piss away practice rounds that amounted to more than most people’s life savings.

The Trumps, even the Clintons, are as alien to me as space aliens.

Almost none of these fine patriots served in the military.  Why would I fight for them, put myself out for them in any way at all?



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