The Safari Restaurant

On Independence Ave and Prospect is a Somali run,  East African restaurant.  I had tried the Sambusa a couple times, actually; 3 times in a row.  These are little fried meat pies, $1.  They are good.  Chicken and beef with Somalia spices.  Kind of Arabic spices.  I like them a lot.

Today the lady gave me a plate for $5 to sample the Kabob and chicken rice and the sauces they used.  It had green and red sauce.  The green sauce is hotter, but not that much hotter.  It isn’t as hot as Mexican Habernero sauce, for example.  Almost all of the Mexican sauces across the street are hotter than this.  (note; I am talking “real” Mexicano sauces.  They are very hot.).

The rice was that Basmati rice, that long skinny grain rice and they make it to perfection it is great.   They serve many times of meat, goat, liver, chicken and beef.  I like the little meat pies, she keeps running out of them.  They also serve lots of different types of middle east breads.. japati…and some other types of bread that I ain’t tried.

It’s about $10 for a plate with rice, so it isn’t as cheap as fast food, but it is very good.  Loved that rice.


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