I’ve had my nose in my computer for weeks studying Blender.  I took a Udemy Course by Billy McDaniel.  This one is pretty good.  This is Blender for UNITY.  About 60% through it, but it has let me take off with my 3D art.

Blender has a ton of addons, that is why I chose it over Maya, or Solidworks.  Plus it is free.  It reminds me of GIMP which I love.  I have a old copy of Photoshop CS, which I rarely use, I mean, hardly ever.

There are tons of great sites, forums, and YouTube how to videos with Blender.  These addons, many of them are superb.  I like “ArchiMesh” a architecture addonfor building house models quickly.  I like “Pocket Mesh” a addon to turn whatever you want into a primitive.

It is damn good, and revelation as to how you can save money making your own 3D art for your games and presentations.  It takes a while to learn Blender though!  I recommend Billy’s Udemy course.  I hate the tedious parts of  the courses though, the parts that don’t interest you.


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