Udemy Online Courses

I am taking course now at Udemy.com.   These are good, to excellent courses on specific subjects, computer subjects, but a lot of writing, marketing, and general self improvement course.

You can almost ALWAYS get a discount on them,  look up on Google “Udemy Coupons” for whatever month and year you are in.

They are very cheap.. as low as $10, and there are tons of courses.  I take highly specific courses, Blender and Unity.  I want to take a copywriter course soon, but don’t want to spread myself thin.  I work with UNITY everyday, and now Blender.   Blender is because I can’t get the models and characters exactly the way I want.

Scripting and computer languages?  Bleh.. they are like eating a bowl of sand!  These courses,  they are are a nice little cheapy,  and both of these are very good.  I email the instructors all the time.. I mean constantly,  and learn from the forums.  I want to write/tell stories..not twiddle with that code.  Uggg.


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