Pork Riblets recipe

Sav a Lot had those pork riblets on sale.  Cheap,  89cents a pound, in 10lb boxes.  These are small riblets, they are in racks, but racks are only 6-7″ wide and 1inch wide  at the most.  The riblet racks are only about as big as a large pork chop.

Well.  I found a good way to make them.

  • Brown in frying pan with oil.
  • Drain most of oil, put a little water in, cover and steam 10min.
  • Take out, coat with bbq sauce, put in broiler and broil 5min per side.

This will hammer that bbq sauce on them, making them crispy and sticky.. that sort of burnt on sauce.   They will be tender from the steaming.  They are really good, and the price is right!  Don’t take long to make them at all.

They are so small that you don’t have to steam them very long.  The bones are small, about 1″ X 3/4″ so a little care is needed while eating them.

I sprinkled and rubbed some Gates BBQ rub, and garlic powder on mine.  Pepper, etc..but the main thing is burning that BBQ sauce on them.  It takes about 1lb for a adult portion.  At 89cent per lb, who’s complaining?  Boiled some Yukon Golds..and a right tasty meal for $1.50.  A good meal, a ‘reward’ meal.


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