Is Aldi 73% Ground Beef any Good?

I just got some Aldi 73% Ground beef.  Hamburger, in other words.   I wondered about using it, the price was very cheap,  $1.89lb.  This is very cheap.  The verdict? Not bad at all, for certain things!

It generates a LOT of grease, which was OK for my purpose, which was Mexicano style, lunch truck tacos.  Actually, for these tacos, you kind of want the grease.  Gives it flavor.  I’d even smear a little on the tortilla before I made it.  For this purpose, it works good, but I wouldn’t try it with a hamburger.

For spaghetti it would be good, just drain the grease well.  The price is very low.  So I give it a thumbs up,  I will buy it again.

Update:  YES.. I will buy again, but it really IS pretty greasy.  Makes flavorful tacos, but with lots of calories and cholesterol.  However, the price is right.



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