A Pork Chop Sauce

I wanted a new sauce for my pan broiled Pork chops.  A-1, Heinz 57 weren’t cutting it.  I read about this one cheap brand of wing sauce, sold at the Price Chopper $1 aisle.  It is called Louisiana Supreme Chicken Wing Sauce.  I read on Amazon that the mild type, the “regular” is a very good all purpose sauce.  The reviews are all 5-star.  It’s an orange colored stuff, looks like French dressing.

I seasoned the chops with a this very good seasoning, bought at Sav A Lot, called Tio Santi Sazon Perfecta.  It’s a mix of garlic, turmeric, black pepper, onion,  oregano, and some other herbs.  It’s very good,  I like it a lot.  It’s really good to season taco meat with.  Had some last night and used the stuff, it was very good.  I do NOT use “taco seasoning” on taco meat.  Too much chili powder, I dont like it.  You find Tio Santi in Sav A Lots Mexican aisle.  Sav A Lot has the best deals on Corn Tortillas,  far cheaper than any of the other markets, including the Mexican ones.

THEN.. I poured a nice puddle of the wing sauce on the plate as I cooked the chops in the pan,  and added some brown sugar, and molasses and stirred it up.  It tastes GOOD!  The sweet flavor against the wing sauce flavor.  Note that I used the mild variety.  It is $1 at Price chopper, far cheaper than Frank’s Wing Sauce.

This is VERY good on chops! I put some on as the chops cooked, and I put some on the plate, and ate it right up.



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