The Sub Poor

These people I always call the “Sub Poor”.  This article, by KCNews is indeed the truth.  They get kicked out of the shelters very early in the morning, and cannot go back until 6PM, no matter what the weather.  They are out there freezing in jackets and tennis shoes, much of the time bought from the Thrifty stores.  It is horrible.  Even for my low rent crib, I am praying I am so thankful.

So much SHIT happens to people.  I think the American people very unkind,  very arrogant,  and I am ashamed of Military service.  It was good for me, ‘cos I get the VA, but I don’t think this a great country.  Well, it IS a beautiful country, but the people are not very nice.

No one will help them.  I mean NO one.  They will do ANYTHING for money.   Few are the people that will give them spare change.

They are often caught up in the judicial system, and this miserable life cycle is the only thing they know.  Time passes, and nothing changes,  except for the deaths, that is.  Their families often ignore them.  I think people are like animals,  I really do.  Like rats, maybe, that is a good analogy.

For whatever reason, life is very unfortunate for many people.   I suppose, it has been this way for a long time.

There are some do gooders, but they seem in the minority.  I hope this is just my perception, and it is better than I think it is.

People out there in that freezing cold,  I sure wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.





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