At a Soup Kitchen

I go to one place, and they make a lunch on Saturday.  This is the finest lunch in Northeast!  It is like HOME cookin’.   The other ministries, they just dump the cans into some kind of casserole.. it is ugg.

Street thugs, hard core homeless eat there.  Some have been homeless for many years, some are out of prison.. and could go back.  The poor know where to go.  One guy gets up and preaches, but these people are so whipped down and dazed, the American dream is unreachable for them.   They are OUT of the chain.   Man- what are they gonna do, play for the NFL?  They are tired, and just whipped down like dogs. Some, are crazy, and can even be dangerous.  A few see themselves as “knights of the inner city”..I mean, whatever.  You got to steer clear of them.  These people are very dangerous.

People, unless well known to us, we are like objects in each other’s fantasies.  I suppose this is why people can be so cruel.  Many thugs have the “I’m in the Sopranos” attitude.  It is never revealed to you until it is too late.  People slowly, reveal themselves to you.

It is their emotional, and social perspective.  Thus, a real bastard, like Ted Cruz must view others as inferior serfs.  They are like sociopaths, and are no different than the street thugs.

Sometimes, there are fights at these churches, even a stabbing.  The homeless and street thugs got a little pecking order.  They took out the bus shelter because there were fights in it.

People around here, are often like wolves.  They have their own ideas about how other people ought to be.  We look at each other, and don’t understand.  We hardly understand ourselves.

That being said, the churches do GOOD work.  I am all for it.  But I am not a “faith based” Republican.  I’m a Democrat.

With the internet, we all live in different worlds.  I only watch the football games on computer.. eh the Chiefs are losing to the Patriots.  But what the heck,  they will have millions of dollars to console them!

There are a lot of health problems.. here with the poor, and out in the suburbs.  We had two new babies born in the family.  One child, a girl I pray and pray for her birth weight was so low.  Of course I pray for the other tots and family members.

I can feel other’s pain, but steer of people.  People are often, painful to know.

One meditation tip that makes you feel good:  write people’s names on a pillow, then go to sleep and hold it to your belly as you pray.  Even write names of those you DON’T like.  Put the names of people you don’t really know.  It makes you feel very good.

I want to win the lottery, and be the kids’ rich uncle.  Because THAT is the United States.  You either have money- or you don’t.

Meanwhile, thank GOD for the do-gooders of the world!  SOMEBODY..wants to spread goodness around, I think a lot of people do, and we are blessed to have them among us.



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