More nasty Northeast Action

Man.. they found another homicide in a car at 6th and Elmwood.  At the fire station,  a poor fireman suicided.   The Fire and Police work their tails off in Northeast.  I mean ALL NIGHT.. they are going, and it must be ‘back to back’ calls, that is, one call after the other.

Tonight one street is roped off.. that street north of the Church where everyone votes,  I think it’s St. Anthony off of Benton near the St. John circle.

I see my sister who is languishing from the pancreatic surgery, a miracle she survived.  She lives out in the burbs with her dogs and has her horses boarded.  I love her a lot, she’s a good woman.  She came back from the brink of death.

Still, the surgery affects her.  Hmm.. that is the most notable thing about the people I meet,  their health problems, and there’s a ton..but worse is the MONEY problem.  The USA is so hopelessly divided.   It is a divided world we live in.

Because of the violence, and general crazy of the world…people are kind of edgy around here.  Once people get used to you, it is generally all right.  But strangers,  there’s a wariness.

Some people seem to ENJOY conflict and violence.  They are leery of the world I suppose,  they’ve got crapped on before, or seen other people crapped on.

That is the way of the poor, because they routinely get crapped on in a state such as Missouri.

Update: The one at St. Anthony’s was at Benton and Morrell.  I keep hoping and praying.  I don’t know what that one was all about, and I don’t want to know!


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