Potato Soup- a nice “Cheapy”

I used this recipe.. My Easy Potato Soup  This might not be the most fancy, or even the best recipe, but it is the easiest.  The recipe doesn’t even list the quantities!  It just says:

  • Potatoes
  • Milk
  • Onions
  • Butter
  • Salt and pepper

Boil potatoes and Onions in WATER..then throw out half the water when they are done.  I say,  throw out MOST of the water, and use more milk!

Then bring it to a boil again. I cooked longer than the recipe..putting stuff in according to my taste.

I hit mine with Sour cream,  celery seed, even some Seasoned salt.  I thickened with Instant Potatoes.  I boiled spuds and onions with Chicken boullion.   It is good served with Shredded cheese- at serving time.  AND.. bacon bits, just the cheap kind.  I of mashed up some of the potatoes.  I used red potatoes cut up small.  This recipe has numerous positive reviews..but it is the simplest on Cooks. com.

You got to mack it up, or it’s bland.  I am gonna try it next with French Onion dip, or Ranch dressing in place of the sour cream.  Always taste and keep on tasting it.  BUT.. I like it better than the others, ‘cos you can customize it.  Mine was just great with the stuff I added, and the cheese topping and bacon bits at serving time.  VERY good.. very cheap to make!  A great way to fire up those extra spuds before they go bad.

I tried recipes where you use a can of cream of chicken soup to flavor it up,  but I like this simple way better.  The quantities?  I used a big saucepan full of potatoes, onions and water.  I discarded the onions ‘cos I dont like them.  I am funny that way.  Then, start adding stuff and keep tasting until it suits you.

Update:  Made it again.. this time I used some ranch dip, and some French Onion dip.  Boy you can hardly go wrong.  I topped it with some of those French Fried onions like they use in green bean casserole.   Rib stickin stuff and cheap to make.  This time I only left a very small amount of water.  Maybe 1/4 cup, maybe not even that, the rest milk I used 2%.  Thickened with Hungry Jack instant mashed potatoes.


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