Northeast is straight out of “Deadwood”

Like HBO’s “Deadwood” that’s what it reminds me of!  The Sunday NFL game is on, I am rooting for the Broncos,  but more than that, I am rooting for my frail little famiy.  Actually, Independence is fucked up too.

No one from other countries sees this shit, and they wouldn’t believe it actually.

I go to the store after working on my motion comics, and Javascript Game engines.  Down there, are these people that look like something out of the those old arcade games.. like “Final Fight”   The prostitutes would make a crow blush.  They are always running them out of the convenience store, and a couple of times,  I’ve seen clerks do stuff like throw down on the punks.. grasping at that pistol in their waistband.

Many of these stores have guns secreted all over the place behind the counter.  Once I saw him go at one guy who refused to leave with a sap.

Here’s the page of my motion comics, Visual Novels, whatever you want to call them.

Anyways.. how frail life is!  Human beings are actually one of the weakest creatures on this earth.  They die easily, but few people seem to think about that!  They abuse each other, and they abuse themselves.  Human history is filled with nothing but darkness.

Thankful to see my sister, who had severe pancreatitis, acute actually,  cause by a botched gall bladder operation.   Thirty seven days in the ICU.. 37!  Then all winter in the hospital with every tube possible in her.  She can’t even get compensated because of the fucked up laws, of Missouri, which is the most hick state in the United States.

WHY would I fight for this country, or anyone fight for it?   There is one law for the wealthy, and one for the poor.  I’ve seen assaults that go unrecorded.. once I saw a guy get his throat sliced with one of those carpet knives.  No charges were filed.  The same guy that did that, whopped a woman with a ball bat out front.  WHOP it sounded like a melon!  NO CHARGES FILED.

The USA, on a day to day basis, is just as unfair as anywhere else in the world.  The people are often quite rascally.  Selfish, and often downright cruel, why would I give a shit if the Russians took over?  What would I Wal Mart?  George Bush?  Matt and Roy Blunt?  Claire McCaskil?  They’re busy dividing up the spoils from taxing the poor, just like any banana republic.  I know, I would gladly die so George Bush could have a Library, of his noble achievements.


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