Each Day one of Narrow escapes

That is what the world is like.  I guess that’s why people like the drama of football so much.  Dunno.  I like it, but not like the hero worship I had when I was a kid.

As I study now for my motion comic, my visual novel, I realize the ..drama I guess, of the world.  Narrow escapes, choices, and sticky situations.  Life threatening things.

The era I am writing about is the depression, about 1936.  It was the most turbulent period of American history.  There were communists, fascists,  strikes, homelessness, malnutrition like no one has seen in my generation.  My grandparents talked about almost nothing else but the depression.  They came up from Oklahoma.

Growing up, my family didn’t seem to value one another, for the precious thing that they are.

Human beings are one of the weakest creatures on this planet.  our skin thin as an apple, almost anything will kill us. People act like they are invincible, invulnerable, and oh how selfish.  Selfishness is the plague of mankind, and always has been.  They abuse themselves, they abuse each other.

Notice the football games and boxing matches, where people enjoy seeing men pitted against one another.

As far as drama goes, I don’t have to go far to look for that.  How perverse the world is, and how cruel.

I don’t think, that this here United States is great.  For some it is, but the majority, it is every day survival.  It is a dangerous country.

Why, oh why, American politicians want to take other governments to task for human rights violations, etc, is beyond my understanding.   We got plenty of that, right here.


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