Gourmet Pizza in a Cast Iron Skillet

A Way to Make Pizza in a Cast Iron Skillet, then Broil it.  This really works like the guy says it does.  I’ve made two of these.  They are made using a flour tortilla as the pizza dough, and it makes a wonderful pizza crust.  I was doubtful, but I am a believer now.

The tortilla crust tastes nothing like a tortilla.  it is crispy,  SUPER crispy and thin.  These are very fast to make.. as fast as you can put the fixings on almost.  The dough looks thick, but it is super thin, flakey and crispy.  People on that site talk about putting two tortillas in the pan, sandwiched by a layer of cheese, for a “stuffed crust” pizza.  They are making other variations.  This is cheap to make.  The tortilla is only about 22 cents.  It is much better than most frozen pizzas.  I like it better than all of them, actually.  Better than DiGiorno, Freschetta, Jack’s, Totinos, Tombstone.   I am gonna start dusting the tortillas in garlic powder.   How good it is,  depends upon your skill with toppings.

After the initial crisping in the skillet, you stick it in the broiler for about 3 minutes or so, to cook the toppings.  It cooks very fast.  The skillet: about 2 minutes.  The broiler: 3 minutes.

You could make PAN pizza this way, with store bought or home made pizza dough.  There are a LOT of ways to make pizza.  Sure beats frozen pizza.  It is much faster, cheaper.

pizza bar pizza w tomato (1)


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