A Guy gets Killed by the Askew Inn

A guy got killed down by the Askew Inn.  This is a place where lots of homeless and thugs hang out. Women prostituting,  they are drunk, etc.  Surviving any way they can.

Well, someone met a bad end down there.  I stay inside like a mouse,  thankful to have the heat and the electricity, and to have food to eat.

There ain’t no love.  Just bullying and hypocrisy.   Every day is fuckin’ Halloween in Northeast.   It is kind of like, this egotism.  Even the poor, hate the poor.

How to explain it.. “even the smallest bacteria on earth, thinks that IT is the most important thing on earth, and superior to all the others.”

Same thing with people.  They’re gonna show they are the “better person” by murdering the other guy, robbing them, or duping them.  They’re trying to get satisfied,  I guess.  This must be the reason rich people want power, and political office, and more and more power.  They are trying to satisfy this itch.. this itch for some sort of validation,  some sort of reckoning I suppose.

It’s the same reason that I like to write…like a cave man, who likes to write on the wall.


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