Phony Social Scams like “Healing House”

“Healing House” and other “Rehab houses” are the biggest scam.  They just rake in the bucks “rehabilitating” patients.  Not one of them gets reminds me of the old Asylums of the 1900s.   The people have to pay to stay there, it isn’t free.  If they can’t pay, they run a tab, it is a lot of money. They pay out, I don’t know how much a week, it is a large amount.  No one gets rehabbed.

It is like ‘Payday Car Loans’ almost.   What a scam!

They go back again and again, until they are melted down, into these a whipped dog.  It is a pity, the things you see every day.  Sometimes, they are capable of crime and violence.

The ‘War on Drugs’ is the biggest scam in the USA..  Something better, and more efficient needs to be made.  I dont’ know what to do with people that are addicted to drugs.  It is the driving force in their life, at least the ones around here. Eventually, it breaks them down.

Every day, I see the worst.  The people that run these places, they rake in the bucks, and boy, I’m all for that.  I suppose, it is cheaper than the crime, and there is a LOT of it around here.. it’s really jumped up in this 5 mile radius.

The crimes they perpetrate are often upon other, fragile members of the community.. people on social security, or low income jobs.

Hmm.. the drugs DO cause a problem.. health problems.  Drugs are bad, but so is the “War on Drugs.”


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