Fire Kills two Firefighters

A fire up the street, about 2 blocks away at AJ’s bar, (what used to be AJ’s), kills two firemen when the bulding collapses.   Firefighters in Northeast are busy, busy, busy!  ALL NIGHT LONG they are out there, not only with fires, but by people passing out, having heart attacks, etc.  The EMT’s come for people that just keel over all the time.

Half these people are ready to kick the bucket anyways, and I see many a miserable end.  Downstairs, a poor woman has intestinal cancer, and I think it is advanced, because of the look of her.

This must be the worst place in the USA to be a fire fighter.

The rotten denizens of the area are poor as churchmice, many of them, and can be quite vicious to boot.  The building next door is getting filled up with some of the worst of Independence Avenue.  Known prostitutes, and the drugs that follow right along with them.  It is rumored that many of them are still doing dates, even though they have contagious diseases, such as AIDS, Hepatitis C, etc.  They are also adroit thieves.

The guy upstairs got his SS Card, birth certificate, and driver license ripped off by one sweet heart.  It is not uncommon for them to snatch whatever is available.  That same guy got his cell phone nicked by just sitting next to the ‘ho.  She got up and left, and he looked beside him, and it was gone.

The possibility of Arson is there, seeing how this district is.  The fire consumed several businesses on that block.  Two othe firefighters were injured badly.

UPDATE: It really WAS Arson holy cats batman!  That is some sick shit.


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