Higher Crime than Bogota, Colombia

Higher crime than Bogota, Colombia, and even Medellin is below St. Louis in crime.  I am speculating on moving out of the country.  Not renouncing US citizenship, but retiring where I could get a better deal, better health care.  A town on the border might be better.  You’d have access to the excellent Mexican dentists there, not to mention the out of this world Mexican food.

Kansas City is rated above Bogota on the list,  that is, more dangerous than Bogata.  It is because Northeast is the neighborhood that is the center of it.  That and the east side, the area of say, 23rd and Van Brunt.

So my paranoia doesn’t go for the rest of the USA, but it is appropriate here.  It sucks.

Many Vets are in the same boat.  Their kids kicked them out of the house, etc.  The VA has a large number of homeless Vets.

In the U.S., I guess like the rest of the world, people like to sort of- prey upon one another.    Like a sea of sharks, really.   People ain’t so nice here.  BUT.. they ain’t so nice anywhere else, either.


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