A Sharp, no Huge Rise in Crime

I don’t know who, is doing what to who, about what.  There is a alarming amount of crimes, serious ones like murder.   I have stopped counting, and I do so from the news.  I stay inside, like a mouse.

I stay away from people, as much as I can.  Who KNOWS why the things happen? There are other miseries, such as food and shelter.   One lady died in the end building, had a seizure or something.  She was only 34.  Now her boyfriend in the same building got put out, his stuff out on the curb, and he is out there sleeping with it now.  Eh..they was behind on the rent anyways.  Action right out of Charles Dickens- constantly.

Put out of Apt

Just pitiful.. wild, and crazy.  Money seems at the root of it all,  plus a callousness toward other people.

Next morning, the landlord came with a trailer and pitched his stuff into it.  He was  behind on his rent.   What a shocking past few days this man had!

Many people face stark realities, health and financial problems.  Substance abuse problems, I guess.  America has become like, toxic.   The politicians and rich people seem like beings from a alien world.


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