Missouri is one of the WORST States

Missouri is one of the worst states for the disabled and poor to live in.  It is one of the worst states, period.  Misery is what the locals call it.

Workmen’s comp:  When I had my first hernia, there was NO problem getting care, because the company was out of Minnesota, a GOOD state.

When my rotator cuff went bad, my arm hanging useless,  Missouri was the WORST crooks.  The locals said..”uh oh, you live in Missouri.  You are FUCKED.”  They were pretty much right.

Ain’t got the money to split.  So I watch the news, the everyday violence in Northeast which is like America’s Ciudad Juarez.

All the Vets think the VA is gonna take care of them.. I guess they do if they get a service connected disability.  Maybe, but you could fool me!  They are a nightmare of a bureaucracy.  I like my doctors all right… some of the VA I like, but I think other countries, such as Costa Rica, would be better.

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