NOthin but BAD News

NOTHIN’ but BAD news, as these people eke out a living.    SK’s brother committed suicide, by jumping off a bridge.  People have HIV, well, that I know of…everyone is hustling for a buck including yours truly,  at least as well as I can.

Even the poor, hate the poor as they bite, kick and scratch.  “Don’t feel sorry for HER.”.. “SHE had it coming!” .. .. “he deserved it.”  People are a bunch of assholes.

They never understand, until THEY get a taste of it!

It’s all the money.  THAT FUCKIN’ MONEY that anyone cares about.

The USA is cold blooded as if we were all in a slaughterhouse,  slaughtering each other.  It’s like we’re endangered.  Just nothin’ but bad and the government is like..”let’s keep whopping the poor.”

No one is going to fix you, no one is gonna save you as you get prodded up the chute.

Well, except for hot wind.  There is no shortage of that.


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