My T Shirts

My T shirts on Pinterest..  13 Shirts I enjoy designing and making T shirts.  The past couple days I have been studying online marketing.   Androids are popping up everywhere,  and Android phones are getting very powerful and inexpensive.

David shirts on the fence (Small)

It sure beats taking them to the markets.  It’s also expensive getting a space, and buying a tent and gear which I can’t afford.

People around here, they ain’t got no money anyways.

It’s MAKING them that I like.   Just like I enjoy writing in this blog.  It’s very much like a caveman scratching at the walls.

I make all sorts of them, and like to design them myself.  I make what others want.   People come to me with very bland requests…such as just their name on the shirt, or some slogan.

The thing that is fun is the design of them.   There are LOTS of ways to get ink on a t shirt.  I’ve even used Sharpies to make them.


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