30 Minute Skillet Country Pork Ribs

Dunno if I posted this before.. it turns out very good, and Country Pork Ribs are on sale frequently.  Here’s the original link:

30 Minute Skillet Country Pork Ribs.

After trimming fat,  I braise them in a cast iron skillet.  Then, slather them in BBQ sauce (American style BBQ sauce), then put the skillet in the 375F oven for 18min.   I turn them over once during the oven phase.  AND.. it’s a pretty good way of making these!  I find them quite satisfactory.

I leave some fat on them,  the fat really flavors the ribs.   I suppose you could use whatever sauce you wanted,  Korean,  Thai,  I mean.. whatever.   Cheap to make, and with a couple of good sides, it is thrifty and satisfying meal.   It doesn’t get too many dishes dirty,  either.

Later: I love this.  I like to cook ’em about 21min.. and trim the fat.  I love this meal..but it’s fatty.


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