San Antonio Sells Pollo Asado now JUMMY!

San Antonio across the street selling Pollo Asado now.. LOVE IT.  They cook it up in those big smokers, big as a Volkswagen it seems like!

I think Mexican food, maybe the best in the world!  Say what you will,  the Mexicans don’t fool around when it comes to cookin.

A 1/2 chicken dinner is $7.50.

I don’t know what to say about the world.  These people around here are half fuckin’ dead.  They say poor Bambi is blind now.   People get in all sorts of fights.  Like crabs, in a barrel clawing each other.

Devastating problems are typical around here, and people are expected to just keep on going, often with no mercy whatsoever.  It’s that money,  that fuckin’ MONEY all of the time.


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