Uncle Steve’s Pinto Beans

Uncle Steve’s Pinto Beans.  This the best pinto Bean recipe I know of.  Most of them are very similar, but this one is better.  It uses bacon, beef bullion,  onion, and garlic.  (Not really that uncommon).  Also, it uses 5 packs Taco Bell sauce at the end.

That being said, it’s the best one I have tried.  The beef bullion IS a little bit better than Chicken bullion.  I put a jalapeno in it, and garnished it with that hot, light green, cucumber salsa from the San Antonio taqueria.  I just add that green sauce as I eat,  as I desire it.

I’ve nearly finished the slow cooker full in only 3 days with great flour tortillas from San Antonio.  Usually I’ll get bored with the pot of beans.

It’s like popcorn as I watch, and live, the horror movie of the United States.


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