People ALL got somethin’ to give

People ALL have something to give.   There is a quote from the Upanishads, I think. “Each one is needed by all”.. something like this.

I was in a wrestling match putting my spare on my car.. the lug nuts were on there so tight that snapped off a 3/8 breaker bar in the socket.  I had given up.

THEN a couple guys came over and gave me a hand.  One big old dude, stomped on my 4 way and boy.. he got every one of them loose!  I had tried this myself, and I weigh 265lbs.  It wouldn’t budge.

THEN.. after I got the lug studs out the fuckin’ wheel wouldn’t come off.  I think it was at the last place I got the tire put on,  the man went overboard with the air wrench.  I couldn’t get it off.  Chris, the smaller of the above mentioned pair, came back over, and whanged it a couple times hard, and by gosh that thing came off!

Man, that big dude stomping that 4-way and loosening the wheel stud- he was my hero.  Without that LITTLE bit he added to the situation- I would have been screwed.

Now to get a tire when I can afford it at the Pick N Pull.. and find someone that will mount it cheap.

SOMETIMES.. a big fuckin’ hammer is far better than a Android.


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