A Rating Guide for Surgeons

Here is a rating guide for surgeons I just found.  http://www.checkbook.org/surgeonratings/  I often use RIP OFF REPORTS.. to check on things.  I also post my unfortunate experiences, and encourage others to post their opinions.

The Surgeonratings site has lots of useful links, and the differences between surgeons alone, well they are eye opening.

I like to post the favorable things that happen also.  BUT, I am poor and there is far more that is unfavorable.

Mexico?  I got ripped off FAR more in the USA than in any other country I have been too.

At least places like Greece have some claim to a culture, to a soul.  The USA is  the $20 whore of the world.

Everybody is saying “Wake up America!”- for ALL the WRONG reasons.  Thanks to republican, and others,  deregulation and degradation of human rights.   Thanks for NOTHIN’.


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