The Complicated Health Care System

It is complicated as a Gordian Knot.  Every time I go to the doctor, I think.. “oh no, oh NO.. what am I doing?  How much is this gonna cost me?”

No one seems to know what they are doing, as far as the administration.  The surgeons who lanced my cyst never saw me again.  I just went to the ER to have it check over.  I got bumped around all over the place.

The decision for surgery on my shoulder was debatable.  I kept working until my arm was useless.. I couldn’t move it at all.  At the SAME time my Sister’s pancreatic surgery went south on her.  I had a long surgery.. it lasted 4 hours.

Why didn’t I have it before?  Because of my job, a over the road truck driver.  I had to literally quit my job to go get help.  I also had a huge hernia, a ventral hernia felt big as a baseball.  That surgery went quite well.. then the shoulder surgery came later.

It’s also complicated by the claims of doctors.  “Chelated Minerals”.. “Laetrille treaments.”,  and a confusing array of treatments and theories.  Some people say chiropractors are quacks, while others swear by them.

The woman that ran the anti smoking clinic,  Huber, ran me out of there saying I couldn’t have my Android at the meetings.  I walked right out of there.

It’s a ruthless world.. where people are dealing one another like a pack of cards,  like they are playing spades.

Oh well.. better than it was before.  BUT it is scary.  I shouldn’t get blasphemous on here…but it is complicated.  BUT… at least there is something.

Maybe this is the way, it is supposed to be.   The VA is extremely slow in many respects.  For instance,  they want documents from me.  I could make them into a PDF and simply email them.  But NO!  Many of the VA departments do not even have a FAX machine.  BUT.. IT is a HELLUVA lot better than health care in the 1930’s.  Before 1929 Medicine was downright medieval.


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