In the Clutches of the World’s 37th Ranked Health Care System

One article claimed 1 out of 3 Americans would expatriate, if the conditions were right.  You can walk into a pharmacy in many countries, and get things that would get you thrown in jail in the ‘States.

My teeth are still going strong, after American Dentists (who charged me $200 before I even got into a Dental chair), said I needed them all pulled.

My sister is ailing from a botched gall bladder surgery, a stent put in her Sphincter of Oddi, that nearly destroyed her pancreas.

At least in a “3rd World” country you could get pain meds without going through a huge hassle of approveal.

The USA is like the “3rd World” thanks to the morons that are running the government,  most of them millionaires by the way, and I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT OBAMA.

WHY would I, one of the family of beasts that has been called on so many times, fight to support this government?   WHY?


2 thoughts on “In the Clutches of the World’s 37th Ranked Health Care System

  1. You frequently ask this question dweedle; “Why would I fight for this goverment?” It’s obvious you have and obvious you’re regretting that decision. It’s also completely understandable considering what you’ve shared. So what is the resolution? Or will there be one? How can you come to some peace with your past decisions? Just for your own benefit; thinking of no one else but you. How can you come to peace with it all?



  2. I dunno. I really don’t. My illness has me in a lot of pain, and I am ..short tempered I suppose. There is a LOT of illness in the people around me, too. I get comfort by reading the quotes of the philosophers. Life in the USA has been a disappointment. These people are often, not worth dying for. Not worth defending. Perhaps, I will start writing graphic novels.


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