“Only the dead have seen an end to war.”- Plato

I love the quotes of the ancients.

Here is another favorite.

“It is fortunate the gods don’t listen to men’s prayers, otherwise, the world would be littered with the bodies of the dead.”  – SOMEONE.. .Greek or Roman.

There were a couple of shootings down at Holiday Apartments, a notorious hole down by the Airport,  last month.  Those apartments have a very bad reputation.

Wait here it is..

“If God listened to the prayers of men, all men would quickly have perished: for they are forever praying for evil against one another.”- Epicurus

Outside, women wander, candidates for the next serial killer, or perhaps, they will become killers themselves.  Perhaps this is drastic.. perhaps not.   I guess this is rare,  I don’t know.   They are kind of like, opportunists.   People will never mend their ways, and it is a cold world indeed.

Always, there is the gossip, because they are always fighting.   Who kicked who out of their apartment, for what.  Who ripped off who.   People are out there suffering in the heat.  The guy down stairs never uses A/C, for instance.   I don’t think he has an A/C.   KC told me that many people in her building don’t have A/C, and some have the electricity shut off.   So I am smug, grateful, loving my A/C and cool fans.

When there are fights,  it seems like, the cops come and punish the loser, they punish the victim.

How people seem to hate each other.   They are always ready to put some sort of whammy on one another.   The homeless,  the losers, are the weakest so they get the pain.  That is what it “seems” like to me, but perhaps I am wrong.  Rich people are cruel to one another, sometimes.

It’s hard to tell if my observations are true.  Everything is colored by ourselves.  I rub elbows all the time with people that have the poorest lots in the USA.  I am grateful for my internet, which is a like a Library pass.  Right now I am reading quotes from Roman and Greek Philosophers, which rings true to this day.

Why go to Iraq, Vietnam, Iran, or wherever? There is plenty of seething hate, venom,  theft and hypocrisy right here in the United States.  No need to travel.  The USA is a evil place.


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