A Hot day on Independence Avenue

A HOT day on Independence Avenue.  Tall Deb out there walking around.  She sleeps on an old couch over by Pop’s Convenience store at night.  I got local chicks wanting to come over to my crib.  ‘Cos my A/C’s working, that is.

Charles likes to take Charles, Jr.  his toddler son down to the fountains at the circle.  Lots of people take their kids down there to cool off.

I go on the expat blogs of the backpackers,  people that go all over the world.  How I’d love to go down to Quintana Roo.  I’d swim all the time how I love to swim, just swim, just get in the water.

I admire these youngsters the most.  They figured out, somehow, how to go all over the world!  Like the Rolling Stones, my favorites.  Somehow, they did it!  What quality lives,  they seem to be full of romance and fun.


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