If I were the President

The things the poor people need:

  • A big garage with lifts, tools, paint booths and attendants.  Poor people lose their cars all the time.  They can’t fix them and mechanics charge huge amounts of money to fix the complicated beasts.   Many of them really are robbers,  who overcharge for simple problems.  Your selfish ass relatives won’t let you use their garage!  I can’t fix a lot of automotive problems, because I have no way to lift the car up safely.  Such as a starter, Oxygen sensor, drain coolant.  I’ve seen these garages just put the screws to poor people.  Old Sheek can’t fix his car, it’s been sitting for days.  I’d have hire attendants so people would work safely.
  • A good public place to stay.  The City Union mission was  a filthy hole, the only time I went down there.  Toilets with no stalls, a couple of filthy showers with no water pressure.  I mean FREE.. no one sleeps on the street.  It’s cheaper than keeping them in the jail, or the money spent at the E.R.
  • More places like Gregg Klice.  It is a great gym with affordable fees.  Kept clean it is wonderful.  The city pools are packed in summer.  I’d have more pools.   I like to swim, that is my antidote for everything.
  • The poor are always trying to fix stuff.  Broken air conditioners, broken cars especially.   I’ve seen people get screwed out of good jobs because of no transport.  Like Tonya, who lost her job when her car got ripped off.   Like the boy downstairs, who had two kids, but couldn’t get over to his workplace over in Kansas.
  • I’d legalize drugs.  I GUESS.  That might take care of the drug problem it is a sorry ass solution, but at least it would cut down on the inner city crime.

Drugs a big problem.  So is booze.  The cops are tied up with petty criminals all the time.  These are all people that, once they have that mark, that “Scarlet A”,  they have few choices except to continue down the same road.  It’s an industry, it really is.

I’d teach philosophy in school.  I like the great philosophers, the Greek philosophers,  the Chinese, the Indian philosophers.   They all valued honesty, integrity, and other virtues.  They are a matter of intelligence, not morality.  Wisdom is the science, of the sciences.  Am I very wise all the time?  Hell no.  every day I see my mistakes.    Selfishness and egoism is the great disease of mankind.

Transport is one of the biggest problems for the poor.  The Bus system is expensive here,  and it is very Spartan.  Unless you are going somewhere on a main street,  it is difficult to get around.

Why they can take the bus!  Is a big fallacy.  The Bus is fine, if you just go up and down, say,  Independence Avenue.   For example:  From here to the VA hospital isn’t bad.  Just down Indep Ave, then catch the bus at Hardesty.  BUT to get back here, is very difficult.. going clear over to Troost, then Downtown.  Takes well over an hour.  Bicycles?  They get hit all the time.  Shane’s been hit twice by cars.


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