Only the Dead have Seen an End to It

“Only the dead have seen an end to war.”- Plato.  Now that little fuck decided to shoot up the black church in Charleston.  Guess who runs my most favorite spot in Northeast, the Gregg Klice?  And boy they treat me good, but it is mostly black, because the people in the ‘hood are mostly black.

They treat me with respect, but I’m afraid to go swimmin’ now!

As far as violence, it’s always breaking out, as in up at 9th and Indiana.  Another store I won’t go to!  The guy that did that was a regular criminal.

“Human nature is evil, and goodness is caused by intentional activity.”
– Xun Zi

NOBODY wants to cause goodness.. heh.. they all want to GET EVEN.. for something or other.

Human beings are just determined to fuck up this place.. just to make it.. nasty.   The poor around here, they are just waiting for their miserable end.


2 thoughts on “Only the Dead have Seen an End to It

  1. Your always bitching about the poor, failing to realize the middle class are screwed even more so. I am a middle class hard working woman with no help cause I make too much. I’m not sick or disabled and manage a high end store. I’m so sick of your bitching and whining. Welcome to America. I am in the same damn boat and work 60 hours a week. Stop focusing on hoe bad the poor gave it and look at the whole picture. Damn.


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