Let’s Crap on the Poor some more

Hammer the poor, is the name o’ the game.  A lot of the vets I meet, they all hate Obama.  Er- why? They must be wealthy.  FDR was the greatest president in U.S. history,  he and Abraham Lincoln.

Before FDR there were three straight Republican presidents.  Then, the depression, THEN the dust bowl which was perhaps the greatest disaster in American history.  Caused by wanton “free enterprise”, and laissez faire attitudes.  Things took their own course, all right,  Into an Abyss!

Many people in this ‘hood have no A/C, and some of them have no electricity!  There was a pit bull lying dead up by Elvira’s bakery,  the corpse was laying out there all day.  During that same morning I witnessed a guy’s car getting stolen, at least the part where he was running up the street yelling “stop thief”- as if he could catch up to his car. Same with a shopping cart and a bunch of rags,  a huge mound by the bus stop at FAST STOP.  Some poor soul’s possessions.   Maybe he keeled over or something.   It is like watching people get strangled, they get weaker, and weaker.

Attitudes are hard in the stores, with violence just inches away.  A misunderstanding, boy you can get shot around here.   The convenience store clerks are quite aggressive and well armed.

WHY would I fight for this shit?  Most every male relative in our family was in every war.  that’s more than I can say for the Republicans!  The present lineup of Republicans are NOT Abraham Lincoln.   I don’t even know what they are.  They are as alien to me as aliens from space.

When it comes to trouble with the tax man and petty fines, the poor are just shit out of luck.

It SUCKS watching people get hammered, it really does.   The fuckin’ jail?  It’s just a debtors prison for the homeless.  The strong and dangerous at least have some money to skip out of jail.  They know the ropes!


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