Smartwatches- Not Yet.But Almost

Android Smartwatches are almost there.. but not yet.  They are getting down cheap, in the $40 range.  But I wouldn’t buy one, not even for $10 not yet.

1. MOST of them ain’t waterproof.   This is a big feature, and I’ll bet most of them aren’t that rugged.

2. The BATTERY LIFE on most of them suck.  This is being overcome, they are coming on like gangbusters with new models.   The battery life is pitiful on lots of them.

Here is a very interesting new design.  This watch uses a projector.  It really is pretty slick, but price at $400 if you can even get one.  There are others called “cuff watches” which are as big as a small cellphone.

Most use bluetooth connected to a Android or iPad, and use the phone to dial out.  SOME, are phones in themselves.   You just put a SIM card in them.  They are Quadband, which means almost any GSM service will work such as T Mobile.

Affordable, functional models are coming out with lots of features.  But as I say,  Battery life and Waterproofing have a ways to go.  My verdict- don’t buy.


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