My Cup Runneth over with Great People

Despite the confusing bureacrats.. my cup it runneth over.   Love them great cooks,  doctors, and nurses.  For SOME unknown reason, they are doing what they are doing.

Boy it’s great.   I got these places around here pegged down, as to who has what special and when.  I find good specials on food, and the internet teaches me how to cook.

The VA’s bureaucracy is very annoying.. BUT.. BUT.. I get in there to see the doctors FAST.  Some aspects they are behind, for example their catscan machine.. I had to go to Topeka to get a catscan.  I cannot remember what this was.. catscan..MRI.. that big machine they put you through on a conveyor belt.

When I got the result, they couldn’t believe how fucked up my shoulder was.

BUT it is the bureaucracy of the world I dislike.   “Managed Care” means- STFU and DIE.   They do all in their power to make sure the poor, stay poor!  They do everything in their power to make sure the wealthy- stay wealthy!


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