The VA’s Snide Bureaucrats

How I hate the VA billing department.  HATE THOSE FUCKERS.   They’ll take your last damn dollar.  They are like the goddamned IRS, and they seem smug, like they enjoy your pain.

The doctors are all right,  the nurses, I am grateful to them.

The USA is violent because so many of it’s citizens are uncaring,  creep motherfuckers.   The V.A. has hired some of them, it looks like.

You have the criminals.  THEN you have the sadistic cops, and thieving bureaucrats.

Why would I fight for this country? WHY?

BUT THEN.. I really like the Medicos.  The nurses are great, so are the doctors.  It’s hard to keep your mental health straight..because in the USA: YOU DON’T GET SICK.   The USA just curses the poor, and loves to SHIT on them!   It is very fast to get in and see the doctors.   I email them, and almost always an answer the same day.

However, if I see a terrist gonna shoot up the airplane, I will take my lesson from the V.A. Billing department.  The Terrist MUST show me his birth certificate and passport, AND most important- his IRS statements!

If I am to take action on behalf of the people about to be burned alive or jump hundreds of stories to their death- I MUST have their social security, proof of income, proof of citizenship.  Otherwise- I won’t do shit to save them.  They must show me their bank statement, a cancelled check, and it must be the original.  OTHERWISE.. I will not give them any help.

They must sign a payment plan and installment agreement, and I will get back to them after review.

After all this is done, well I will try to stop the terrists.  You know, make a phone call or something.

How about I JUST WALK THE OTHER FUCKIN’ WAY and keep my mouth shut? How about that.


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