All the Fights

Seems like there are fights every day.   I live like a mouse in Northeast and keep my head down.  I go to the C Store last night a woman was crying because her “boyfriend” beat her up.  It seems like, the more they get beat up,  the better the “boyfriend” is!

KC is mooning now over the asshole that beat her up.  AND.. boy he beat the shit out of her.  She will never recover from the injuries.  Someone ripped the wiper off of her car to use as a weapon during a fight.  Her building is filled with refugees from Belize.

How I wish I had the money.. .to split from here!

There are good things.. the little taco stands.. I like the swimming pool and gym.  But the rest, SUCKS.  The parking ticket police.  The bureaucrats, and the USA is full of snide little bureaucrats.


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